Typical use of natural resources has been unsustainable, generating waste, elevating production costs, and missing economic opportunity. SeaChange Biochemistry’s refining process currently produces multiple high value chemicals from organic seaweed without toxic solvents or inefficient processing steps. This approach – based on green chemistry – benefits ocean ecosystems, uses sustainable feedstocks, and generates no hazardous waste.


Seaweed is one of the largest under-utilized and valuable resources on the planet. It contains an abundance of nutrients and has applications across many industries, including cosmetics, nutritional products, and biomaterials. Seaweed also acts as an underwater carbon sink, absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, and reducing ocean acidification. Harnessing the full environmental and economic benefits of seaweed, however, requires a significant change in thinking.

Founded in Canada’s Ocean Playground on the north Atlantic coast, SeaChange Biochemistry Inc. has developed an environmentally friendly and proprietary process to extract multiple high value compounds from seaweed and other biomasses. The team is led by Sabrena Mackenzie, formerly a scientist with the National Research Council with 15 years of experience in biomass extraction.

The company has established the first kelp seedling nursery in Atlantic Canada, a seaweed farm in St. Mary’s Bay, and pilot scale production on Cape Sable Island. Inspired to speak for the seas, SeaChange is focused on producing exceptional quality ingredients while contributing to the regeneration of ocean ecosystems.



  • Lighter in colour than other commercial polyphenols.
  • Neutral in taste, not bitter like other commercial polyphenol extracts.
  • Completely green process, no toxic chemicals used.
  • Flexible process design allows a great deal of customization.
  • Traceable, sustainable, secure supply chain.
  • More potent than land-based polyphenols.

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  • Innovative gentle processing keeps the molecule and high degree of sulfation intact leading to high biological activity.
  • High purity without additional harsh processing and no toxic chemicals.
  • Very light in color.
  • Very stable and will not darken over time.
  • Traceable, sustainable, secure supply chain.

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  • Green process free from any toxic chemicals.
  • Very white in color.
  • Very stable, will not darken over time.
  • Complete range of viscosity, customizable for customer needs.
  • Different M/G ratios to provide different gel strengths.
  • Three different types of alginate for different applications.
  • Traceable, sustainable, secure supply chain.

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We use a sustainable feed stock

Fast growth: 2 feet/day.
No arable land needed.
No freshwater or fertilizer needed.

We use the entire seaweed

This is 66% reduction in biomass waste.

Green chemistry

No toxic solvents used.
No hazardous waste generated.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Supplementing livestock feed with seaweed extract reduces methane output up to 99%.


Replacing fossil-fueled based plastic with biodegradable seaweed-based substitutes will help reduce the 8 million tonnes of plastic in the ocean.

Seaweed fertilizers improve farmland

Seaweed absorbs nutrients in the ocean, reducing acidification and can be used to enrich the soil and increase crop yields.

Zero Waste Multiple Products Customizable Properties Sustainable Feedstock
SeaChange Process x x x x
Polyphenols Producers x x x x
Fucoidan Producers x x x x
Alginate Producers x x x x